Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Winter Wonderland...

I'm a day behind with this post but I've been playing catch up with homework all day so forgive the delay...

I managed to escape the apartment yesterday for a return visit to the main site of the Political History Museum. I was initially put off by the sight of scaffolding outside and the front gates locked. Turns out its under renovation but by no means closed to the public.

You'll now find the entrance to the right of the gates, down a side entrance. The layout becomes a bit of labyrinth but the signs generally point you in the right direction. (And of course I was helped by my two previous visits) Plastic shoe covers are a now standard issue though the exhibition rooms themselves appear to be free from the attention of the builders thus far.

I won't bore you with the details again. Just make sure you pay it a visit if you're in the area!

By the time I left it was dark out and the vast array of lights on display in time for Christmas offered illumination for my trek across the Neva back to Nevsky. (I realised even the bridges are lit up with an impressive length of fluorescent tubing!) I decided to delay my return home with an obligatory trip to my favourite Russian cake shop before an exploration of Nevsky Prospect's decorations. I eventually came across a veritable Winter wonderland, positioned behind the statue to Catherine the Great and featuring a ice skating rink and various stalls selling food and tourist tac.

A nice opportunity to people watch and recharge my festive battery with cheer, still I couldn't help thinking I was missing a hand to hold...x

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