Friday, 18 December 2009

Just when things were getting interesting...

It was with something of a heavy heart that I took my last walk in the city today. (Though to be fair that sensation could just have been restricted rib-cage movement as a result of my wearing every piece of clothing possible...) Either the temperatures dropped or I've started to get a little more used to the cold. Its a shame I'm heading home tomorrow.

I can't offer much in the way of photos unfortunately, my hands remained fimly in gloves and pockets. Still I did finally manage to explore a little more of Vasileostrovskaya and the surrounding area, braving the 'harsh' conditions - it was actually blue skies and little wind today - to walk as far as the university district before crossing the Neva (by bridge mind, the ice isn't thick enough just yet...*) to Nevsky.

I managed to note the statue of Sakharov, who has been a subject of a number of my lessons with Katya. A fascinating figure who contributed to the development of the USSR as a nuclear power after the Second World War, before transforming into a political dissident and staunch advocate of human rights, earning the Nobel Peace prize for his efforts under persecution by the regime.

As a historian its somewhat humbling to find the extent of my ignorance still about such key figures in this country's history. I can only hope that diminishes with time as I continue to explore its past and present.

*I have to confess the urge to poke at it with a bloody big stick is almost unbearable. Its like seeing frozen puddles as a kid and not being able to resist cracking them. Just imagine it a million times worse! The torture...

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