Sunday, 6 December 2009

Must be worth the wait...

I took a trip into the city centre this evening in the hope of finding a spectacle of light and colour. I didn't. Part of me wants to congratulate the city planners on realising Christmas doesn't start in early November, the other part of me wanted to see how pretty the city looked adorned with fairy lights.

To be fair there are still parts of the city decked out already, the photo above showing the view across the Neva of Peter and Paul Fortress is a case in point. Still the real surprise was to find Nevsky Prospect and the front of the Winter Palace adorned but not yet lit up. I can't imagine its an energy saving measure, but I'd love to know when the big day is. (I'll check with Katya tomorrow...)

Speaking of tomorrow my first class is scheduled at 10am. This is a godsend. Having woken up at 8am this morning to find dark, I went back to sleep only to wake up at 9am and find...dark. It stayed dark till 10am and with the cloud cover never got much above 'mildly gloomy' till about 4pm when it just went dark again. If it carries on like this i'll not see the sun for a fortnight!

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