Thursday, 10 December 2009

Planning for the worst...

Even though I haven't seen the sun for the last six days I don't really have reason to complain about the weather. Its been chilly but by no means Siberian, its also been wind free and bone dry regardless of the complete cloud cover.

I'm assuming this is largely due to the fact I went to the trouble of buying wellies and waterproof trousers before coming this time. As far as I'm concerned they can continue to be unused for the next week and a bit.

However tonight we got our first real sign of snow. It wasn't heavy and by the looks of things it stopped after a couple of hours of light flakage but with the ground dry it was settling easily. I might have over-reacted as I took the chance to go shopping for enough food to see me through the next week but I'd rather do it now than feel trapped and hungry over the weekend.

If we do get decent coverage I'll take some pretty pictures. For now I'm happy to stay warm and dry in the apartment as I battle through my homework for tomorrow.

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