Friday, 18 September 2009

You can tell a lot about a place by its Lenin...

In contrast to the vocal, gesturing figure that welcomes the noise and activity of the gateway to the city at Moscovskiy Prospect, the statue of Lenin that sits on Bol'shoy Prospect seems content with a quieter pace of life. This is the first time I've hopped off the metro just one stop from my adopted home of Primorskaya and the contrast is surprising between this almost 'suburban' district and both the endless high-rise apartments of home and the general hussle and bussle of the centre.

The buildings are less imposing around the streets of this main boulavard, its a pleasure to be able to hear oneself think (and talk as I was joined by my tutor for this final practical lesson) as we walked around the sights. We didn't make it as far as the banks of the Neva, but eventually retreated to a little cafe to continue the lesson and give me chance to expand my knowledge of a little more colloquial Russian.

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