Sunday, 6 September 2009

Re-discovering the city...

I should have done this first time round. With the chance today of a guided excursion as part of my intensive crash course, I was treated to a completely fresh tour of the city. Over the course of the next two weeks with the combination of intensive one to one lessons and opportunities for practice sessions in the city itself, I'm hoping my knowledge of Russia begins to expand with a deeper knowledge of the city...

After playing at 'tour guide' and general navigator for the rest of the group - that first trip on the metro decidedly less daunting a prospect this time round - we scouted the major landmarks in the vicinity of Nevsky Prospect. (A route very reminiscant of my first visit to the city. Go with what you know I guess...) However it wasn't until we met with our tutor Nastya that the rain began to clear and we were shown a side of the city off the usual tourist track. Fantastic!

Every landmark and place of interest was new to me, after already spending two weeks in the city I'm realised how little of St Petersburg I've seen.

There is one very important thing missing however. A hand to hold. Someone to share it with. The person in fact who I shared the city with in April, the beautiful young Danish lady I got to call mine. I know my blog has been fairly clinical so far, reading it back it only hints at how incredible the last two weeks I spent here were. I can't pass up the opportunity to express how magical this city is when experienced with someone special. Forgive the sentimentality, I'm in love. x

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