Saturday, 19 September 2009

All change...

I'm still a little shell-shocked after last nights send off at the local bar. (For those coming to the end of their two week cycle and heading home today) The antics of the local population were largely the same as last week though we stayed long enough to see a flaming bar and firing breathing added the repertoire of circus entertainment.

After waking up in the early afternoon (I'm telling myself it was more due to the mental fatigue of study than the alcohol the night before...) I was offered the opportunity by Bart the course co-ordinator to move across to a single room in the next door apartment. Since I'd be here for a week with only one class remaining from this course I thought it would be nice to get a little space to myself.

That space has actually turned out to be pretty impressive. Its clearly a recently refurbished site with large rooms and good facilities. Its going to be a shame to leave the old apartment behind, I was getting quite used to it and could forgive its student-living sized proportions. Left again to my own devices I'll now need to work out how to best spend this week. I'm still toying with the idea of a train trip out to Moscow and back. Its going to be a question of time and expense though. I may head down to the station tomorrow to look at the logistics, though my teacher has recommended where to go when it comes to tickets.

At the end of the day I still feel I've got a lot left to see in the city of St Petersburg. (And surrounding area if I were to trek out Pushkin for example...) I think I may have to at least take advantage of the metro system and see what happens when I start hopping off at random stations...

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