Friday, 11 September 2009

Two steps forward one step back...

Ah the joys of Russian grammar! Attempting to get to grips with the instrumental case has set my head spinning again. Combining that with an expanded vocabulary of business terminology was just a bonus. Its these lessons where I'm looking for the smallest victory to get me through the day.

I've left feeling drained but satisfied, after all the sun is shining again and I have the weekend ahead of me. Two days without lessons will hopefully give me the opportunity to consolodate what we've covered this week and spend some time exploring the city again. I'm tempted to make use of the good weather and travel a little further afield on the metro to the parks of the northern islands.

For now I need to eat and unwind. I've no plans for the evening, managing to budget pretty well this time and save my pennies before I head back to university. Still if I can find the energy I might go for a walk through the grounds of the Winter Palace again at night. I'd love to know the calories I'm burning with all this brain activity though...

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