Saturday, 26 September 2009

Leaving at a more civilised hour...

After suffering the inconvenience of the bridge system at night in April, I'm pleased to be able to knock out this last post while I grab a quick bite to eat before a 1:30pm pick-up.

Yesterdays extra lesson was a good way to end the week and these three weeks in general. I now feel like I'm leaving Russia with a good foundation in the language and the confidence to move forward as I commence my studies again at Oxford.

Time flies, since April, indeed since this time last year when I faced the prospect of applications, employment and planning to get me where I am now. I lot of wonderful surprises have emerged along the way, both people and places, that have all added the experience and ensured my development over the last twelve months or so hasn't been purely linguistic.

Though part of me is reluctant to leave - when my progress has just started to pick up to a more tangible level - I've a lot to look forward to when I get home. (Not least a short trip to Milan with a very important person I was fortunate to first meet here in St Petersburg! x) The other aspect of my studies is of course Russian History and this too is an area I've managed to make progress in during my stay. Its when I can combine the two and begin the process of translating and understanding the material I've been surrounding by here in St Petersburg that I'll feel like my work can really begin. I have a long to go yet, but at least I'm beginning to enjoy the journey.

I'm already planning my next return to the city, hopefully in the first few weeks of December. I just hope now that I'm back at Oxford I can find the financial support I need to make regular visits a possibility. I hope I'll also be able to continue this blog and that of course, anyone following, enjoys the journey with me.

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