Saturday, 12 September 2009 Russia the party finds you!

After opting to chase the last bit of sunshine of the day with a run last night I returned to the apartment feeling pretty re-energised and joined a couple of my fellow students for what we thought would be a quiet drink to end the week. Forgetting it was Friday night, we sat and talked over a few drinks in one of the local bars only to be treated to a view of proceedings as the local population came to unwind after a busy week at the office.

I don't think any of us were confident enough to join the festivites at this stage in our Russian education, but the entertainment was not your average night on the tiles in the UK. At one point we were provided with a circus act in the middle of the dancefloor, our own little 'circ de soleil', with a "cloud swing" (Thank you Google) artist entertaining the crowds.

The music too was an eclectic mix, part Russian, part trashy Euro-pop, part obscure pop-culture references. The video above is from an old Soviet child's choir performing in the 70's. I remembered coming across it on YouTube when it appeared over the soundsystem and was greeted by cries of delight from the crowds. Anyway we left as the natives were probably just warming up but we may risk a return visit sometime in the future.

На здоровье!

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