Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Potholes and pollution...

I'm someone who likes to train. A lot. Its a bad habit and coming to St Petersburg puts a number of barriers in the way of me exercising that desire to go out and sweat.

Over the past couple of days I've tried to work out how to get round a lack of access to a gym or other indoor facilities. Yesterday with snow and sleet outside the apartment I chose to run laps up and down the sixteen floors of the towerblock. It worked, and thankfully with the staircase isolated from the rest of the complex I didn't have to worry about strange looks during my frantic dashes up and down the concrete structure.

Today with blue skies appearing over St Petersburg I decided to brave the outside world and go for a run. It could be a combination of many things - the climate, change to the body clock, diet or pollution - but I'm definately finding it harder train out here. You can taste the grime in the air and breaths don't seem to provide the oxygen your body craves. I limited myself to 40mins at a steady pace, most of which was spent dodging potholes and puddles from the previous days downpour.

That €20+ the school quotes in its online information is looking increasingly justifiable for a visit to the gym this coming weekend. This isn't usually such an expensive habit to fund...

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