Thursday, 9 April 2009

'Bags' of vocabulary...

Its amazing how the smallest success can restore your confidence when it comes to learning a language. Today I at last woke to find that the Russian for bag - сумка - had finally found space in my head after three days of waging war with my brain cells over such a trivial piece of information.

Its been something of snowballing of vocabulary for me though as a result. Stood in front of a whiteboard, pen in hand, I was able to scrawl a wealth of words this evening. Still its always unnerving when a word you took for granted as burned into your memory has inadvertantly disappeared again. I can only hope the new stuff isn't pushing out the old...

No visit to the city today. In fact I've failed completely to leave the apartment after a morning catching up on sleep and homework before class this afternoon. With the weekend fast approaching I need to plan ahead and consider what I want to fit in my remaining time here.

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