Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Lessons in social etiquette...

Today we were given the opportunity by our teacher, outside our scheduled class time, to get together as a group and really test our understanding of the language. For me it was a welcome challenge as we grappled with Russian and attempted to utilise our collective knowledge outside the structure of classroom and topic based discussion. Our introduction to the Russian version of 'Winnie the Pooh' was a slightly surreal experience, but through its narrative we were given an important lesson in Russian social etiquette.

It was pleasing to be rewarded for such an intensive period of study with the feeling that real progress was being made on my part. I've already mentioned how two weeks has gone too quickly to properly appreciate the city. The same can be said of the Russian language and the opportunity for learning this school provides.

Still, I am already considering plans for a return in September when I would hope to push myself further towards providing a basic understanding that will assist during the course of my graduate studies at Oxford. In heightening both my passion for this country's history and culture and the way in which it is expressed through its language, I already consider this past two weeks a success!

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