Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hipsters of the world, UNITE!

Welcome to the revolution re-imagined for the 21st-century. In what I'm sure is a reaction against inflated coffee prices and the global domination of Seattle's finest, I'm currently sat in one of St Petersburg's "anti-cafés" (the article linked here profiles a similar establishment over in London and provides a little more background...which I've yet to read since I'm too busy enjoying my free coffee and cakes).

It's a real hipster's dream inside, a fading mish-mash of furniture, old typewriters and Arcade Fire on the stereo. There are a couple of boutique shops next door and a bohemian looking hairdresser working in the corner. The concept is simple - you pay by the minute, not by the coffee. Everything else is then 'free', including tea on tap, a proper espresso machine and access to a selection of cakes and savoury snacks.

I don't want to give the impression I'm above all this for one second. I love it, it's a great idea. I just hope I don't get too comfortable and forget the time...

Side-note: Speaking of the 21st-century, this post is an experiment in voice recognition and just how revolutionary this little gadget is in my hand. It seems to be a success, a few corrections here and there, but I may never have to type again...So much for those hipsters and their old typewriters!

[Update] While I remember, the bill came to 140 roubles (less than £3.00) for an hour and twenty minutes. Seriously, you can struggle to get a coffee in the centre of the city for less than that. Consider me a convert.

You can find the cafe, Цифербург on Nevsky Prospect, at the top floor of 'Пассаж' (not the posh bit, the entrance closest to the Fontanka. Link to the Russian website attached, with the cafe marked on Google Maps.

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