Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A short history of Britain...

There really is nothing more painful than dealing with Russian numbers. Whether faced with dates, measures or basic quantities the endless changes of case that follow - not to mention the digits themselves - provide an exhausting mental workout.

Today's lesson was built around a continuation of yesterday's work with the history of early Russia. However, the aim was now for me to reciprocate with a short introduction to British history. Timeline in hand - heavily weighted towards those important episodes I could remember from the course of my undergraduate degree - I faced the task of reproducing endless dates and historical periods in the best Russian I could muster.

The end result you can see above. All credit to Katya, not only for her drawing skills, but also the unswerving patience she had to display as I tripped over my attempts at correct grammar. The work it involved was enough for me to joke that maybe I should scrap the doctoral thesis and just hand in this as evidence of my 'advanced' knowledge of history. It certainly made the prospect of writing a few thousand words in English seem like less of an arduous battle.

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