Sunday, 5 September 2010

Too good to be true...

Little bit of drama at the supermarket this morning. Unfortunately I'd failed to appreciate one of the offers on display for fruit juice was only available if you bought three cartoons and not just the one. All was fine until I turned up at the checkout and faced the prospect of having to explain that I hadn't realised I needed to buy three and as a result wouldn't take just the one. (I certainly had no need for 6 litres of apple juice!)

To be fair I understood what they were trying to tell me, didn't panic and eventually got them to understand what I was trying to say. The only real problem was then getting someone with a key to authorise a refund on the till. No harm done but I'm pleased with how I coped. I think all involved eventually realised we were speaking the same language. Or trying to at least.

On a more positive note I also managed to explain to one of the staff I wanted to buy slices of cheese. And that I didn't know how to say 'slices of cheese'. Mime is a wonderful tool for filling in the gaps...

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