Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A 'Proper' Historian...

Its amazing - and somewhat frustrating - to think its been over two years since I was last in Russia. After the completion of my master's program I immediately jumped into my doctoral studies.

The intervening years have in many ways been a case of treading water; reading, developing my research with available sources, while beginning the process of turning myself from a 'student' into an 'academic' (i.e. turning history from an 'expensive hobby' into a potentially viable career choice!). Conferences, seminars, teaching and, at last, my first published paper. These have been the tasks I've set myself until I can return to the archives. I hope it proves to be time well spent.

I have little sense of whether this blog still draws much attention for the story I've been trying to narrate. The focus has always been on my language development, which is difficult when away from Russia. Nevertheless, just in case anyone would like to see whether that the hard work has paid off, below you'll find something I'm very proud of...

Spencer, M. L. G., 'Signals from Stalin: The Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union in the Midst of the Soviet-Finnish War, 1939-40', Slovo, 25, 1 (2013), pp. 48-64.

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