Sunday, 21 November 2010

Life Lessons...

Finally! After three months in Russia I learn how to drink vodka in a civilised way without cringing at the burning sensation or retching at the taste. My lesson coming from a Russian who insisted the following steps be taken to ensure shots be enjoyed with a straight face:

1) Toast!
2) Inhale deeply and hold breathe...
2) Take the shot
3) ...breathe out slowly from the mouth
4) Food in hand, inhale through the nose, smelling the food
5) Eat the food
6) Enjoy the warm glow and never, ever mix with beer!

The food needs to be something from the traditional Russian selection of aperitifs. Fish, bread, pickles - unfortunately not the ketchup laden french fries we were left with last night - but at least the theory was right. Considering it was my last night things didn't get silly and retiring to bed at a reasonable hour I felt like I'd ended this trip on a high note.

До свидания!

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